I see you.

You’re a busy woman. You try to do everything “right”. You pin tons of recipes that say they’re healthy but never seem to get made. You eat according to the 1200 calorie “rule”. You exercise. Why in the heck do you still feel bloated, hungry, anxious, and tired all the time?! Why is your PMS so bad it leaves your loved ones afraid to speak (or breathe)? Why have you been trying and trying to conceive with no success? Isn’t this supposed to be easy? Everything checks out as normal with your doctors, so why are you feeling so off?

You want to feel better.

You’re over these hormonal spikes and dips. You want to learn more about your cycle and know there has to be a way for pregnancy prevention other than birth control. You’re ready to feel the grip of anxiety lessen. You’re ready to think about baby making but have SO many questions that just aren’t being answered with all of this conflicting information. 

You know your hormonal birth control makes you edgy. You know you’re ready to feel alert and energetic, fully engaged with life around you, and not so damn hungry all the time. You know you want babies someday but can’t imagine feeling the way you do and raising a human. You’re ready to stop Googling and take a deep dive into your health to feel more connected to your body and your life. And you’re ready yesterday!

I’m Marissa and I get it.

I spent way too many years on hormonal birth control feeling depleted and, honestly, kind of insane. I’ve struggled with body image, grossly underate and over exercised thinking I was being healthy. I suffered for YEARS with severe PMS, painful periods (keep you on the couch bad), fatigue, and gut issues.  Being hangry was so much a part of my life it was in my wedding vows. Nutritional therapy and learning all about my body’s individual, unique needs changed everything for me. I learned about the importance of nutrient dense whole foods, how to make manageable lifestyle changes for myself and my family and I’m FINALLY feeling like my best self even while raising a toddler. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’ve been helping women just like you minimize PMS (it’s possible!), feel energized, balance their hormones, learn about their cycles, lay a solid foundation for conception, and start to feel like themselves postpartum. As your nutritional therapy practitioner, I’m right there with you. I want you to feel as vibrant and balanced in your body as I know you can be. I’m always in your corner, right there with a shovel, helping you dig deep to heal the roots of these symptoms.

Are you ready to take control of your health…and your LIFE?! Get started with a free 15 minute consultation where we can chat about your concerns and questions! 

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